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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts off Amazon that Everyone ACTUALLY Needs

So don't hate me, but that shower margarita machine actually doesn't exist - it's actually just a prank box by Amazon to put another present in. I know, I was also furious and irate. If anyone wants to go in on making this a real thing - hit me up! Haha.

This is the last day we're giving you a chance at Megan thee Stallion, but there are still some pretty great gifts you can get your loved ones *or yourself* which are ACTUALLY super useful, let me first show you what I've bought myself.

  1. Fuzzy Slippers (can also be found at TJ Maxx / Marshall's / Homegoods for bout $10)

2 A Handheld Milk Frother,

I've seen this gadget all around Tik Tok - and I drink a lot of iced coffees and matchas and chai, things I don't want to curdle when I make it at home - so being a former educated barista, I knew I'd need a milk frother! I bought this one off Amazon last week, and I haven't had a clumpy drink yet.

milk frother

3 - I am ALL ABOUT VIBES - so I had to purchase an essential oil diffuser for on the GO! Aka in my car. I saw a version of this in the dollar spot at Target, but this one hooks right up to your car's power source and the migraines from traffic are instantly gone!

4 - An alkaline water pitcher and filters

I don't know if anyone else has been boujy and spoiled like me, but once you start drinking alkaline water, it's literally impossible to go back to regular non filtered without less than maybe an 8.8 pH balance.

I already know... I'm boughy, BUT a way so save $10-$12 on a 6 pack of Essentia - you can just alkalinize your water yourself, at home - so this pitcher came in handy when I also use that filtered water for steam facials etc. It's one of my favorite purchases yet!

5 - Power Hub Tower with USB Ports for your Electronics

I've told you MANY TIMES, but I am an aunt, and my nephews are getting very practical gifts this year - and being that they're at college, I chose to get them a Power Strip Hub with USB Ports because I know if I need one, they'll definitely need one living in a dorm. May be practical, a little boring, but it will definitely get used!

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