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Why Won't Quavo Ever Join Clubhouse?

The audio drop-in app called Clubhouse has been the most popular up and coming app in the last few months in 2020 and ushering in the new year.

The app's popularity can be widely credited to the number of celebrities on the app that you may be able to hear live from as well as the networking and panels that are regularly scheduled to help and offer advice in respected fields.

I personally sit in on a lot of YouTube, branding, radio and music industry rooms - but there's literally something for everyone.

But not everyone has been convinced of joining the popular app, including rapper, Quavo of the Migos.

As far as hip hop, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, Joe Budden, Toosii2x , YK Osiris are some frequent speakers I see in different rooms - but a lot of notable rap figures have been missing. You can count Quavo as someone you won't see on stages anytime soon.

One downside of the app is that if there are a lot of people "on stage," with the speaking capability - there can ultimately be a lot of people talking over each other.

Also, while it states clearly in the terms and conditions, it is unlawful and against the rules to screen record the audio conversations -but that hasn't stopped eager fans with the want to go viral from doing so.

Also, just like any other app - it is available 24/7, and even if you wake up in the middle of the night at 3am, there are definitely rooms going at that hour.

Clubhouse is still in its' beta version, and the app is still invite-only. You can attempt to sign up for an account, and someone can nominate you if they already are active.

Some people have even gone so far as to BUY an invite, so they don't miss out on the tea.

Such as the Joe Budden and J Prince Jr. heated argument that happened recently. (Video Below)

Are you on the app? What are your thoughts? Will you be joining soon?

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