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MTV's The Challenge | Nelson, Is He Still Cool with Fessy?

NELSON is no stranger to my show, as I've interviewed him MULTIPLE times before - but we find ourself right back at the same space, after an elimination, and if/how someone has backstabbed him.

On this season of MTV: The Challenge, Double Agents, it seemed Nelson was the only one shocked that Fessy played the backstab move and took him on in elimination, where unfortunately Nelson received the boot.

As shown on last night's episode on MTV, Fessy was playing dirty to someone he called his "friend," as a member of Nelson's alliance, 'The Young Bucks.' Nelson even commented on how he noticed his and Tori's budding romance early on.

Fans of the show saw this and were pretty angered.

Even though it was a totally snake move, are we surprised? With huge moments like Ashley taking the full prize money and running from Hunter, and Johnny Bananas ultimately doing the same thing - the act is not surprising, just who it will be done to is the mystery.

I asked Nelson was it time to play dirty to make it to the final, but he's hesitant to be a snake to others. But as for something he's learned from other challengers, Nelson shared what mental notes he took from former winners such as CT, Wes, Darrell and Johnny for his future seasons.

When Will Nelson and Cory finally win one? When is their time?

Make sure to watch MTV, The Challenge: Double Agents, Wednesday at 8p EST/7p CST on MTV.

Check out my last interview with Nelson, after his elimination on MTV: Total Madness, Season 35.

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