"Throat Baby" Remix Video Includes DaBaby Skiing on Bodily.. Uh.. Fluids..

2020 may have been the worst year ever, but one great thing that came out of Fall, was the rise of the hit "Throat Baby" by LVRN artist, BRS Kash of Atlanta. Formerly by the name "Kash Kash," he is no newbie to the Atlanta music scene. Late last year, after my outward support for the record, I interviewed BRS Kash, asking about the origin of the record, and his history as a songwriter.

It's not the song, nor the title that caught fans' attention, but the matter of the video content. Twitter users asking is DaBaby really surfing on.. bodily.. climax fluid? Guapdad4000 was the first artist to draw my attention to the visual.

What do you think of the video?

Here's the original, for those that favor it more.