HOW Though? Atlanta Teen Allegedly Steals $1 Million from Kroger in 2 Wks

HOW SWAY? We all had to start out somewhere when working. My very first job was at a water park, then came drive-thru, Wal-Mart, a shoe store in the mall and then the job that helped me pay for college - retail! At Target!

I did once work at a grocery store as a second job while working night shifts at Blockbuster, (RIP), and HATED IT - but I always knew that in order to keep making money, I couldn't get fired - meaning: don't do anything stupid, like STEALING.

But they never learn, because one Gwinnett County teen - in the span of just two weeks, managed to scam Kroger out of almost $1 Million.

The employee is just 19-years-old and accused of falsely returning items that didn't exist, then putting the refund total on credit cards.