Mariachi Band Hired to Play Outside Ted Cruz' Home after Cancun Getaway

Last week, was nothing less than an unfortunate "survival mode" twilight zone for Texans, during what is being called the "Polar vortex," and temperatures plunged to arctic degrees in the teens, with snow and ice covering the roads and the loss of power to millions to make matters worse. We will not know the death toll, possibly for months, but we have surpassed at least 20, whom unfortunately perished to either hypothermia, car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, house fires and more unfortunate events due to no power.

Given the structure for much of the Lone Star state last week, Senator - R Ted Cruz was caught on a family getaway to Cancun, Mexico. A neighbor or "friend" in their circle's group chat outed the couple, Ted and wife Heidi for spur of the moment traveling during a statewide emergency, leaving millions of Texans without power, heat, water, food and more.

Understandably, millions on Twitter came for the Senator's neck on social media after finding out about him "crossing the border," given his stance of immigration. Many protestors even waited outside his home in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, TX holding signs urging for him to "RESIGN," due to his lack of leadership skills.

Though he acknowledged the "poor choice," Houston residents were having none of it - you can even hear the chanting of "resign" in the background during this interview.