The First City to Fund Reparations for Slavery Promises $10 Million

EVANSTON, IL has taken a stance on reparations for slavery - and promised their residents a total amount of $10 million disbursed over the next decade. This is not new - this actually been in motion for at least two years, as you'll see in this documentary provided by VICE News below.

The town has included on their website, a place to donate for this cause - and how the reparation disbursement will take place. The reparations resolution passed in 2019 and today the city made the official announcement of how to move forward. The city will begin disbursing $25,000 to eligible black residents this year - to use for housing. But what makes you eligible, you might ask? And as we've seen Danileigh attempt to do - how do you "prove" your blackness?

The money is coming from a new 3% sales tax on legal marijuana sales.

The city sits just 13 miles from Chicago, and is the first in the entire country to rule in the attempt to pay back its' African American residents.

The docufilm "Soul of a Nation" available now on Hulu spoke more to this topic in depth. Can the country afford to disburse reparations right now?