Inmate Serving 70 Years Goes Viral with In-Cell Cooking Videos [VIDEO]

I'm sure, while perusing through your timeline - you've seen a cooking video or two that's caught your eye. I myself always get stuck on the 'Tasty' videos - teaching you all the different ways you can fry chicken.

But for some reason, the ingenuity of one prisoner's culinary efforts - is what really caught my eye. Anybody can make a grilled cheese, but when you have to make it with a broken hot plate on top of your metal bunk bed, it gets a little more intriguing.

Yes, everyone is on their phone asking "but how did he get a phone?" -- THAT'S NOT THE MAIN POINT HERE, PEOPLE. There's contraband every single day in most US prisons, and the possession of a phone is not rare. I'm saying - how did he make that cake though?

Also, I got curious and searched YouTube for more proof of inmate cooking videos, and I found - well, a lot. Why is this so addictive?

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