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Tom Hanks' Son, Chet Hanks Proclaims it's Gonna Be a "White Boy Summer"

At this point, with Tom Hanks' son, Chet Hanks - I've made it very clear on Twitter, I can't imagine that Woody from Toy Story or Forrest Gump can carry on a conversation with his son, Chet Hanks.

In a now viral video, the celeb-utante claimed it's going to be a "White Boy Summer," and 'not like Nascar white boy,' but 'Jon B., Jack Harlow -type" and then urged his followers to tag a 'real vanilla king.'

At this point, we know this guy is a fan of hip-hop and most likely means no harm - but .. whet?

I asked Jack Harlow if he endorsed this - and he does not, lmao but how do some of your kids NOT KNOW who Jon B. is? Who raised them?!

Also, Chet Hanks has a brother named Colin - which is who I'd expect is the son of Tom Hanks..

Is he celebrating White Boy Summer?

He really said "tag a Vanilla King!"

And because Jack Harlow has no parts of this - check out his latest single with Chris Brown, "Already Best Friends."

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