Boosie Slaps Man at DaBaby Video Shoot, IG Gets Deleted, Claims Racism

BOOSIE BADAZZ became on bad terms with the Instagram powers that be in 2020 when he kept notoriously baiting women to get naked on his Instagram Live. Since then, it has been an uphill battle for Boosie.

Recently, the Baton Rouge rapper was filming a music video with DaBaby in Baby's hometown of North Carolina. In the video, he is seen slapping a man - and even recorded giving the man $554 for the ordeal. The action stirred up such a reaction, that someone reported it for violence - which is indeed against Instagram's Terms of Use & Conditions.

Boosie Badazz shared his now deleted Instagram and shared that he's been targeted by none other than the CEO of Facebook, (who owns Instagram btw), Mark Zuckerberg.

Without any of Zuckerberg's platforms to use - Boosie resorted to Tiwtter.

Do you believe Boosie is being targeted? Or just being made an example of?

DaBaby was just in Houston last week, and of course pulled up on me - check out our interview if you missed it!

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