Jack Harlow Delivers Gospel JetsonMade Tag at SNL, Shuts House Down

After Chet Hanks went viral for claiming it was going to be a "White Boy Summer," and nonchalantly dropping Jack Harlow's name, the Kentucky born emcee took the Saturday Night Live stage for the first time in his career.

For this debut performance, he brought Maroon 5's own, Adam Levine. But what blew me away was the entire gospel choir he had singing producer JetsonMade's producer tag.

Maya Rudolph, an SNL alum, was the nights' host. Harlow has stayed in headlines since the release of his debut hit single, "What's Poppin." Since then, he gave us his debut album, "That's What they all Say."

Per tradition as the musical guest, Harlow appeared in a skit alongside Pete Davidson, talking about NFT's

Pete Davidson, whom will also appear in the new Suicide Squad, took advantage of the 'white rapper theme,' with a spin on an Eminem bit.

Harlow and I have done a few interviews together - very funny guy, I suggest you meet him.

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