Why Aren't Black Tik Tokers Being Asked on Late Night Shows...

I'm in the tail end of the Millennials generation, meaning - I don't have a Tik Tok. But one thing that's been brought to my attention, from my 19 year old nephews nonetheless, is the huge disparity in promotion that Tik Tokers of color receive from their own creations.

Even if you don't have a 'Gen-Z' person in your home, I'm sure you've seen stars or celebs doing popular dance crazes to hit songs like Megan thee Stallion's 'Savage,' Cardi B's 'WAP' and 'Up,' and countless more.

It wasn't until I saw a segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and then this tweet - that I really saw what my nephews were talking about.

Below you'll see popular Tik Tok star, Addison Rae's versions of dances, made up by black teens.

If you're unfamiliar with Addison Rae, she did blow up on the popular app - but she's also a musician, with a single out now. Which would lead to why she's on the Tonight Show, promoting her new single. But if the basis of you getting as many followers as you do - is on the backs of creators of color that aren't getting as much shine or credit - now we have to ask the question, why.

I was curious and looked a little more into the topic on YouTube, where there are lots of creators of colors that feel the same way. As I do more research, I'll report back - but now I realize why it was such a movement for K. Camp to give credit to the girls that created his "Lottery" dance.

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