Video Surfaces of Quavo & Saweetie Altercation on Elevator

It pains me to share this; but being the number one trending story - it's actually saddened me to see people's reactions to this video.

Just about an hour ago, TMZ shared a video of Saweetie and ex-boyfriend Quavo getting into an altercation on elevator. Of course, we don't have audio - or any context of what happened before what the CCTV cameras caught, but whatever the case may be, it breaks my heart at the end.

Currently, Saweetie has partnered with us to give a fan and their bestie a 5-night Miami getaway for two, but I'm honestly sad to even see that this even happened.

There were also rumors running rampant this morning about the Migos allegedly jumping JustinLaBoy after his interview with Saweetie, and his co-host, who happens to be her ex, Justin Combs, went viral. Those claims can't be confirmed. But this whole breakup just keeps getting messier and messier.