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Top 5 Takeaways from JAY-Z During Lebron James' 'The Shop'

1 - Confidence is the key to success.

Hov and Lebron have known each other for almost two decades, since he was drafted right out of high school. A question is posed towards Bad Bunny about where he gets his confidence from - and Hov finishes the question by stating, confidence is the openness to fail. Believing you're on the level of the greats and the belief that you're going to excel beyond your wildest dreams is the key to achieving that.

2 - Jay-Z boycotted the Grammy's due to DMX' lack of nominations the year he dropped two albums in 1998.

Outside of learning that Jay-Z and Lebron have an excellent sense of 'Grace' or what's for them, Hov cosigns not letting people pull you in a thousand directions and can't be motivated by money. He speaks about being outsold by DMX in 1998. Hov won that year for Rap Album, and wasn't there for DMX.

3 - He Didn't Learn How to Swim Until Blue Was Born.

The father instincts kicked in when he thought of not being able to save his child if she ever fell in the water - which pushed him to learn to swim.

4 - Jay-Z did Dre and Snoop's reference vocals on the track.

He doesn't write for others anymore, but in most of the songs he's written - he does the full song himself to ensure flow. Hov also wrote for Bugs' Bunny on the first SpaceJam soundtrack when he was just providing lyrics and flow for sale, in Sony Studios.

5 - Jay-Z made 9 songs in one weekend that made it onto 'The Blueprint.'

What's your favorite now?

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