'Arthur' Cartoon To End After 25 Years On PBS

As a 90's baby, I think I speak for us all when I say.. that Arthur was there for huge pivotal moments in my life. His ongoing fights with his younger sister D.W. were extremely relatable and honest, and even his group of friends matched every one of my friends in my elementary friend group.

Just a few years ago, the resurgence of Arthur in the wide use of memes let me know that it wasn't just me - everybody watched Arthur growing up. I'm not ashamed to say, that if I'm flipping through channels and see it on, I'll leave it there for a bit. Hey, anything's better than the same ten episodes of Ridiculousness playing back to back on MTV. (And now they have SPIN OFFS called Deliciousness and Adorableness), ew.

But apparently, kids really are leaving the TV screen and just finding things on their iPad and YouTube - because the show actually has been done with production for over TWO YEARS, as stated in the 'Finding D.W. Podcast' with the show's creator.

I don't know about you, but this was the most memorable episode with Francine and her dad, the garbage man.

How do you feel about Arthur being cancelled? I feel like the episodes can apply to any point in time - they're pretty reusable.

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