Nobody Asked, But Here's a Raising Cane's Flavored Beer

Just two weeks ago, I thought I'd do a 'good auntie' thing and take four of my nieces and nephews on a road trip across the South. Our family is mainly in the West Coast and it was most of their first times going to Disney, New Orleans, etc.

Also, in Washington State, they do not have a Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Restaurant yet. At least not in the Tacoma/Seattle area. Why? I'm not sure - because I know that would sell out like hotcakes.

So while down here, some of them wanted to try it - when I saw this:

Okay but why is it called 'no slaw, extra toast,' which is how I order my four finger box lmaoooo.

The company is Parish Brewing Company, based in Louisiana. If you dare to try it and tell me if it has that special razzle dazzle of Cane sauce, you can actually order it online, here.

If you're like a majority of my family, and live in the 'Cane's-less Pacific Northwest,' here's a good look at what you're missing.

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