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REPORT Aaliyah Posthumous Album Coming featuring Drake, Chris Brown, Future

This month will be the 20th Anniversary of the Princess of R&B, Aaliyah's death. Most remember exactly where they were when they heard the news. And Aaliyah's former manager and uncle Barry Hankerson, who has control of her music, announced that an upcoming project is in the works.

Chris Brown and Drake are two artists that released songs with her vocals; but fans have struggled to enjoy her music, as her music hasn't been available on streaming services.

Looks like there will also be a biography release, Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah, where producers revealed that the singer was unconscious at 22-years old when she boarded the fatal flight that would ultimately take her life.

Also, today, it was announced that Blackground Records would be sharing its' roster - including Aaliyah's music.

Artists rumored to be part of the project are Drake, Chris Brown, Tank, Future, Snoop Dogg and Timbaland.

Looks like August 20th, her music will be rolling out to streaming services.

The dates for the individual rollouts are below.

Her family is not pleased with the matter - as they shared on her official Instagram page.

Are you excited for potentially new unreleased Aaliyah verses?

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