A 'Tipsy' Drake Crashes Jack Harlow's Interview at Kentucky Derby

It's been an eventful week for rapper Jack Harlow. He released his sophomore album, "Come Home the Kids Miss You" last Friday and has been on a heavy press run to promote ever since. The Kentucky native went back to his roots at the Kentucky Derby over the weekend - with a few friends in tow, like comedian Druski 2 Funny and even one of his album feature artists, Drake.

Harlow was being interviewed on television, when Drake drunkenly stumbled into the camera frame and took over the interview - but Twitter users were quick to point out how the rapper was struggling to make it through and not slur his words.

Harlow's sophomore release was slated the same day as a surprise Bad Bunny album, "Un Verano Sin Ti" which is giving Harlow a run for his money.

The appearance from both artists was genius, given the name of their duet is called "Churchill Downs," which is where the Kentucky Derby is held.

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