DaniLeigh Addresses DaBaby Instagram Live Argument & Current Relationship

It is unsure the temperature on DaniLeigh, after her massive tone deaf single snippet of the song "Yellowbone."

But it seems as if the Twitter-verse and internet sided with her when a video of her having an argument with the father of her child and ex, DaBaby went viral a few months back.

The singer just shared the name of the daughter the two stars share on Mother's Day and sat down with Angie Martinez for one of her first interviews since the drama with her baby daddy ensued.

Then we can't forget the infamous bowling alley jump session with DaBaby and his crew and Danileigh's brother, that went down in Los Angeles just a few months ago.

Now, Danileigh sits down with Angie Martinez for a one on one interview, where she shares the length of the relationship she shared with him, as well as where their relationship starts now.

But it seems that most people on Twitter still weren't amused.

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