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You Could Lose Your Car Insurance if you Have Hyundai or Kia.. See Why

You Could Lose Your Car Insurance if you Have Hyundai or Kia..

There's been a spike of car thefts around the country - with two major retailers being the main victims; Hyundai and Ikea. Major car insurers are planning to drop two car models' coverage due to a major uptick in thefts - to the tune of 300% increase!

Both State Farm and Progressive confirmed with CNN that they no longer write policies for some Kia and Hyndai models manufactured between 2015-2019, according to Fox 5 NY.

IN 2019, the IHHS reported that those two cars were nearly twice as common as thefts for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

It started out with a social media challenge on TikTok, now everyday citizens are returning to their vehicles being disabled or broken into.

Companies have already started end of insurance coverage in certain "Hot-spot" cities such as St. Louis, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Fla. and more.

So why are these cars a hot and easy item?

They don't have electric immobilizers - which relies on the key in the car and a computer chip which would stop the car from moving if the key is not present.

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