Man Arrested after Taking Baby On Motorcycle Ride

This idiot was photographed Sunday with a baby on a motorcycle by Facebook user Mr.Wright, the picture was posted on Mr. Wright's account who was outraged by this non sense. Trust me I would of done the same thing. By Tuesday afternoon them poe poes...was looking for this man and he was found.

 The Liberty County Sheriff's office had identified the rider as Anthony Braddick Welsh,he was arrested at his home on an outstanding traffic warrant out of the Deer Park Police Department. However he is now facing possible future charges in Liberty County endangering a child. Huge thank you to Mr. Wright for taking this picture and getting this idiot busted for just being stupid. I'm sorry did the baby ask for a ride with no helmet? This is a baby's life you put in DANGER..I HOPE YOU GET CHARGED! GO TO JAIL! KTRK

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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