(Watch Video) Road Rage Fight ends In Car Theft

I CAN NOT! OMG...I have mixed emotions, I want to laugh at this but it's so wrong in so many ways! Road rage strikes again, two female drivers were going at it punching, pulling hair on Little York near the Eastex Freeway. Sergio Macias was recording the incident when all of a sudden a car thief saw the opportunity and went for it. 

While the females were fighting one of the cars was abandoned with the keys in the car, and yes you guessed it the car was running. So Mr. I'm a steal your car got in it and drove off! Only in Houston will you see this madness. I bet oh girl will think twice about leaving her car door open, car running and fighting on the street! As far as the car thief smart move! 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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