(Video)Illegal chokehold used by Dupty's Husband

Here is the video! The attorney for the family of the man (Mr.Hernandez) who died after a confrontation with a Harris County deputy's husband outside of a Sheldon restaurant said the video released does show an "illegal chokehold" that was used to subdue Mr.Hernandez.  

On May 28th the off-duty deputy's husband arrived with his children at the food place and confronted Mr.Hernandez who was outside urinating. Once Mr. Hernandez was confronted words were exchanged and a fight broke out. 

Mr.Hernandez was hospitalized after the confrontation and died three days later after being removed from life support.  Disturbing Video! So let me make sure I #LatinaGirl understand this...you are the HUSBAND of a DEPUTY but you acting like you the DEPUTY right?? SMH! I am so DISGUSTED!

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