Wife Fatally shot Husband in the Private after finding him cheating


Ya gonna learn today. Is a sidepiece worth losing it all? Beyonce didn’t shoot Jay Z hell she stepped in the studio and gave us Lemonade! 

Was Becky worth it?  Ladies let me say this in the heat of the moment yes you are mad and become someone else but killing someone gets you in jail and you lose it all. 


Is it worth it? Prayers going up for both families. I remember once (years ago) I found my ex-boyfriend (whom I was dating at the time) with another girl in his apartment, ok I kicked down the door and ran after the girl ( I won’t say much let’s just say I was able to pull a good chunk of hair from Becky). She ran in the restroom at the time the Holy Ghost must of took over my body cause I caught myself and walked away. It wasn’t worth it. But I did run over her motorcycle in my Ford Escort! 




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