The Ta-Ta Towel Will Keep Your Ta-Tas Dry!

Ladies, can we talk about boob sweat? I #LatinaGirl was venting the other day about boob sweat season, it's so dayum hot you don't wanna wear a bra in this heat, and yes I put deodorant under my boobies. However I'm a little mad at myself for not inventing this Ta-Ta Towel!

Yep someone was sweating under the boobies, ta-tas just swampy, stinky, moist, then all of a sudden the invention came to mind. It's a simple towel that you put under your boobs that's designed to absorb the sweat. Ugh..I could of been getting paid if only I would of thought of this when I was having a sweaty ta-ta temper tantrum, the other hot a$$ day! Good looking out Erin Roberston for inventing the Ta-Ta Towel. #NoMoreSweatyBoobs the Ta-Ta Towel cost $45 online. 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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