Luis Alberto Aguilera, Mexican Legend Juan Gabriel's son is...


Luis Alberto Aguilera is ready for his close-up. And plenty of people are watching.

The young singer, who is the son of the late Mexican icon Juan Gabriel, has just released his debut single and video. It's called "Incertidumbre" and looks poised to become a hit. (The title translates to "Uncertainty.")

The song sits in the pop/rock arena and casts Aguilera as a perplexed lover. It lapses into more traditional Mexican rhythms, a nod to his father, as it progresses.

He definitely looks like his late father -- and bears a resemblance to New Kids on the Block member Jordan Knight.

The video was released Friday and has already racked up more than 2 million views. Viewer comments have been overwhelmingly supportive.

A full album is due soon, which he says will incorporate pop dancehall, R&B, ballads and rock.

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