#HopeAferHarvey at The LightHouse Church Was a Success! (Video)


On Saturday at The Lighthouse Church I had the privilege of hosting the #HopeAfterHarvey Drive and it was truly a blessing to spread the word on this event to give away supplies that are desperately needed for the community. We will rebuild together. There was so much to give away but we still ran out of stuff. People were everywhere and it was an amazing site to see!


Bishop T.D. Jakes sent two 18 wheelers full of supplies and over 100 volunteers to assist with this relief effort. How awesome was that! 


They people were amazing and the staff and volunteers from the Lighthouse Church were so nice and loving. If you are looking for a church home go ahead and stop by 6650 Rankin Road and experience the love firsthand.  The benefit concert that night featuring Gospel Recording Artist Deitrick Haddon was amazing it was truly a blessing. I have to shout out Memphis for hosting the concert along with his Blessed Beatz Media team. 

 I love me some Pastor Keion & Lady Felicia Henderson!  This won't be the last time they do this so be on the look out for more drives. Again like I said earlier we will rebuild together. 

Below are more videos and pictures from the day. 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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