Lebron James on GQ! #GlowUp

Listen I may start sinning, Lord help me! LeBron James looking good on the cover of GQ.

Since Lebron James is GQ's cover star this month let's see what his thoughts on his world view, legacy, athleticism and feelings towards his sport... basketball (via thatgrapejuice).

James speaks on activism:

"I think Ali represented something bigger than Ali. He wanted to make a change for a future without him included. That's what Ali brought to the table. I don't know what it's like to live in every state in this country, but I know freedom. I know the opportunity that our country has given people, and to see the guy in charge now not understanding that is baffling to not only myself but to my friends and to the people that've helped grow this country. But Muhammad Ali's correlation to the war.. I don't think me and Donald Trump could ever get to that point."

James speaks on his ego:

"I have people around me, for the most part, that've been around me for a long time. So when you've been around people for a long time, there's no sugarcoating, there's no trying to put you higher than what you should be, there's no yes-men or -women, there's no gas. It's just straight-up raw, uncut, unfiltered knowledge, truth, passion."

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