DJ Khaled Injured on Ski Accident


DJ Khaled was just trying to have a little bit of fun and he had a jet ski accident! He deserves it after a great year of making hit after hit especially with “Wild Thoughts.” Remember when I did my parody as Rihanna for the iheart musical festival. That was my jam for a long time! 

According to PEOPLE, 

Khaled’s videos were an SOS to anyone watching, as he told his followers, “This ain’t no joke. I am stuck! This ain’t no joke, team. Never a joke, that’s the problem. S—! Honey, I just text you. Check your text… anybody know my people, tell them to check their texts, tell them I took the secret route.”

He kept telling everyone the key is to not panic which he did a good job in not panicking. 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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