Mom Overdoses on Drugs in Front of Child (Video)


This has got to the the saddest thing ever. They both need to be held accountable. The mom almost died. SMH According to ABC13, this occurred at a shopping center in Cary, North Carolina.

"Paramedics were called to the parking lot to try to revive a young mother who police say overdosed after "...using a needle to inject a narcotic substance into her body."

The mom Kelly Bennett is being charged as well as the father. I pray they both get the help they need.

A few people who witnessed this mom's overdose had a few words to say.

"It's really sad and it really just points out the fact that we need to be doing more to help opioid drug users and all drug users and really take into consideration of the children if they are moms or dads," Rebecca Gilliam told ABC11.

Daphne Lizotte said, "It's unfortunate that, you know, there's a child involved and that the parents didn't think the situation through completely. But I think that it is really good that there is now attention to that poor 7-month old child that can't make decisions for itself and that hopefully those parents get help that they need to maybe get their life back on track and be able to have their child again."

As of right now Child Protective Services were notified and the kids are being cared for by a relative. 

If you know anyone who is abusing drugs please get them help today.

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