(Funny Video) #LatinaGirl Reenacts Fergie's Performance!

Real talk Fergie, killed the National Anthem Sunday night during the NBA Allstars and not in a good way. My ears are still bleeding ouch, I knew something was wrong by the way she walked up to the microphone she was being way to sexy like she was about to sex down the M.I.C.

Here is what I have to say, cool you wanted to do something "different" but here is my advice don't try "different" with our National Anthem-not today Fergie yes you apologized, but can we forgive you? All we can do is laugh at you. I had nightmares, I think I need to see a counselor. I'm still laughing at all the memes I swear I hate the net. 

Can you believe my husband saw nothing wrong with her performance like for real I told "KT go away" I should of never asked my husband for his opinion cause he #TeamFergie watch the video of me trying to be Fergie!

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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