Cardi B says she's not waiting on Nicki Minaj return!


Cardi B. won't wait to put out her album just because Nicki Minaj hasn't released hers yet. In a social media post, someone commented that Cardi was waiting for Nicki to drop her bars. Cardi responded, "waiting for what? What is that going to do for me, and imma release my s--t very very soon." A few weeks ago, Cardi went on Instagram and said her album would come out soon. You know, if Nicki does come out before Cardi, it's gonna look like Cardi waited for it. Don't you just want both of them to put out something and hope for some fire tracks? In the meantime Cardi has been heating each week with magazine covers, sold out shows, and even promo with VOGUE! Check it all out below...

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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