Here's why Black People are disappointed in OJ Simpson.

After Sunday night’s special OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession, “People vs O.J.” actress Keesha Sharp, who called O.J. a narcissistic, sociopath says black America knows that O.J. killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, especially after the civil trial happened.“I think people changed their mind, at the time people were just happy he got off but now since all the evidence has came out, I haven’t met one black person that I know that thinks he didn’t do it” said Sharp. Sharp says that O.J.’s lawyer, Johnnie Cochran didn't take on the murder case, “He took on the case to take on the L.A.P.D and that’s why he won because they [L.A.P.D] was corrupt.”

Have you changed your mind about O.J. Simpson since the trial?

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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