Toys R Us Going Out of Business Sale! All Toys Must Go!

All I can do is sing the song "I don't wanna grow up I'm a Toys R Us Kid" it breaks my heart that we will no longer have a Toys R Us. That's where I took all my nieces and nephews. I #LatinaGirl have so many memories at Toys R Us, that's where I bought my first Barbie after saving up all my coins when I was a bad a$$ kid in 1st ward! (Crockett Street my hood)

And starting tomorrow you can say goodbye and shop at the same time, the going out of business sale starts tomorrow/today March 22nd with massive price cuts. Sales will run until all Toys R Us locations run out of inventory. Keep in mind the sale runs through June. So start the Christmas shopping now! *Keep in mind most locations will be kicking off their sale March 22nd through June*

Carmen Contreras

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