Tamar Braxton Owns 150,000 Wigs & They For Sale!

What have you done to please your MAN? Would you buy 150k wigs to please him? Tamar Braxton, recently sat down with Steve Harvey and revealed that her soon to be ex husband Vince likes blonde hair, light fair women. She believes in being attractive for your mate, and since she doesn't have blonde hair she now owns 150k wigs, that she rocked to please her soon to be EX. She said they are for sale (jokingly) since she is now bald. Will she really sell them is the question. 

I say hit her up on the DM and tell her you wanna buy them if your man likes blonde hair. Tamar Braxton, sell them wigs and make some dinero/money!

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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