WARNING GRAPHIC: Deadly Gunfight in Pasadena caught on Video!

Pasadena Police released the dash cam video from a shootout yesterday between an officer and an armed unidentified man. In the video you see the officer attempt to pull over the driver who ran a stop sign. After driving 6 blocks the driver pulls over and what you see in this video is absolutely shocking! 

Via ABC 13 : The situation quickly escalated, according to Assistant Police Chief Josh Bruegger.

"He gets out of the vehicle, turns partially so he's facing back towards the officer. At one point his hand reaches down, his right hand behind his back, and then he produces a weapon, brings it up, both hands in a shooting stance parallel to the ground, pointing it at the officer," Bruegger said. "The officer immediately starts firing, and strikes the suspect."


The last few months the  community have been outraged over the gun control laws and the fatal shooting of another black man.

Stephon Clark, a father of two, died after Sacramento Police shot him 20 times in his grandmother's yard on March 18 while holding his cell phone. This is a comprehensive look at the body camera footage from two officers and the helicopter footage from the scene. 


What are your thoughts on how these two shootings have been handled?

Carmen Contreras

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