Beyonce and Jay Z may release a joint album tomorrow!!!


The speculation of a new Beyonce/JAY-Z collaboration is growing as we get closer to April 4th, Beyonce and JAY-Z’s wedding anniversary. With the couple only releasing “Top Off” ft DJ Khaled and Future a few weeks ago, there is still room for a new song or new album to hit the Internet before the couple starts their world tour. JAY-Z released 4:44 as an answer to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album where both superstars talked about infidelity in their marriage. The two have yet to release music pertaining to the aftermath of their rocky marriage as well as music that pertains to the new twins that were born last year.

Will you be watching your Tidal account for new music from Beyonce and JAY-Z?

In the meantime live in this Throwback Tuesday moment.....

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