Texas Kid Wears X-rated Shirt To School!

It was an honest mistake and no one noticed it. Shelly McCullar, sent her son Anthony to school at Travis Elementary with what she thought was a McDonalds logo t-shirt. When her son got home, mom noticed the X-rated McDonald's parody featuring a pair of women's legs spread out in stilettos captioned "I'm loving it". What's crazy is none of the teachers noticed the X-rated t-shirt. 

She can't even believe she didn't notice it, until her son got home then she noticed the legs spread out with stilettos. So how did Anthony get to wear this shirt unnoticed? Well mom received a box of hand-me-down clothes for Anthony, but didn't get a chance to go through it. Anthony just grabbed the shirt put it on and took off to school. Not thinking much of it.

 Mom has apologized over and over and feels horrible (read her fb post below). Lesson learned let's go over t-shirt logos from now on! Honest mistakes happen. Now McDonalds can you step in and give Anthony a Happy Meal? #notthegoldenarches 

Carmen Contreras

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