Annihilate Belly Fat With These Yummy Snacks!

Imma be fine after I eat these snacks instead of bad snacks! This how imma be...


Listen we all know that we love good comfort food with all the fixings but that doesn't help these love handles and rolls to leave. So these few snack that ABC13 suggested are good and low cal and help fight belly fat!

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Banana Sushi 

First up, try a sweet spin on a fruit favorite. Spread almond butter on a banana and top it with chopped pistachios. Slice it up and this high fiber, low carb snack only packs 114 calories.


This is another fruit that fights belly fat. Blend blueberries into a delicious smoothie with vanilla Greek yogurt, almond butter, pineapple and kale. This tasty blend is under 300 calories.


Finally, who doesn't love some guac? It's all natural, great for you, and full of fiber. To keep the calories in check, add Greek yogurt to the mix. You'll get the same flavor with fewer calories, so you can enjoy your snacks without the guilt!

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