Houston Restaurant Have Disgusting Health Risks!

OMG!!!!! Roaches on the wall! I can't! Picture this: you are eating chips and salsa and your feel a crunch in your mouth but it isn't the chips! I would lose my cool instantly in the restaurant. Inspectors went to Los Cucos at the location 7925 FM 1960 W Ste. 1372 and saw roaches not he wall and the prep cooler drawer in the prep area. According to Chron, the inspector advised the permit holder to get rid of the bugs. 


This isn't it another restaurants Ojos Locos on 4422 North Fwy inspectors saw pink and brown slime and black residue in the chute and under the ice maker. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! The inspectors condemned 1,500 pounds of ice and told the restaurants to clean the ice machine. 

It keeps on going lawd!! 50 pounds of beans were condemned at Tepatitlan (4720 N Main St.)

Not only that, " food measured 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the walk-in cooler. Potentially hazardous foods must be stored at 41 degrees or cooler", says The Chron. 


Lawd not Dennys, too! 

"Denny's #0691 (11320 North Fwy.) had about 15 pounds of food condemned. Inspectors said sliced mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, spinach leafs and pre-cooked chorizo were not safe for human consumption."

Looks like we just need to cook more at home cuz this ain't cool! 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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