Calling All Teachers!! Target Has A Deal on School Supplies!

School Supplies

Back to school next month! And I have to show love to the teachers that spend their own money on school supplies for students. Thank you for all you do. For the first time TARGET is offering teachers 15 percent off on school supplies nationwide. The deal ends July 21, 2018. Go HERE to grab your coupon for the discount that you can use online and in stores. 

And since I’m talking about teachers let me highlight some of my favorite teachers.. Miss. Seastrunck and Miss Pace, from Crockett Elementary School, were my favorite teachers who fed me when I couldn’t afford my meal, they cared  about the students. I loved these ladies.


Miss. Carter was a mean teacher that pinched me a lot, and was hard on us, however now I’m thankful I had her in my life, no telling where I would be in life, had she not been so hard on me, I remember I held a meeting to get her fired cause she was so mean to us, she never got fired  and pinched us even more! 


Sister Francis, from Holy Name Catholic School made sure I went to Church every Friday and I do mean every Friday, she was a mean old nun, and if she saw us looking at a boy, if you got caught you  would have to go in the corner and put lots of books on your head and stand there for 15 minutes. Now that I think about it I think this was abuse lol…omg..however she was sweet when you took her candy!


Now..Miss. Johnson from Waltrip High School..failed me in Art with a 69 and I’m still hurt after all these years, I’m still holding a grudge. And I can’t forget Mr.Gilmore, my Algebra Teacher  from Jefferson Davis High School, mayneeeee he was fine! I passed that class with an A+.

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