Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner In HTown!

First of all let me scream "Thank You Travis Scott" when I got a text on Saturday at 3pm I thought someone was playing a joke on me about my name being on a list for a private #Astroworld Travis Scott album release party. Then I realized it really was his record people inviting me. I had not idea what to expect the last time I saw Travis Scott, was last year at our Beat Bash and I started moshing! So I knew I had to rock the Converse. I got to Revention Music Center and saw hundreds and I mean hundreds of people outside yelling "Travis" little did I know I was walking into a theme park! 

The entire venue was turned into Astroworld with some of the original seats from the rides, not to mention the gates (from Astroworld) and people dressed up like clowns, I was speechless! In my 15+ years in radio I had never ever seen such a dope ass event like this. It brought back memories of Astroworld great childhood memories I shed a tear! 

But what really made my night was him performing songs off his album Astroworld and me getting  on stage and he yells "Contreras" now you all know he is a very private guy, I had never seen him in this element! He was turned into a BEAST!! 

We took our pic when he tells me "Baby momma here let me go get her" and there she was Kylie Jenner Miss Billionaire! Can I just say this event gave me life to see Houston jumping, moshing, yelling "Travis" all of us having a good time, no fighting, just love...this right here was the BOMB.COM THANK YOU TRAVIS SCOTT FOR PUTTING ON FOR YOUR CITY! ** check out the video snippet of Kylie Jenner below**

Carmen Contreras

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