(Disturbing Video) Male Salon Owner Punches Woman In The Face!

This incident happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma beauty supply owner Mr. Jun confronted a woman about her child taking a key chain without paying it. Things got heated up and the woman threw the item back inside the store, then Mr. Jun punched her in the face and bloodied her mouth! Look kids take stuff I get it, however the video doesn't tell us everything how did Mr. Jun approach the woman with attitude? Over a small item? I'm pretty sure the mother would of paid for it.

I'm sure if Mr. Jun would of approached this incident differently, no one would of gotten punched or pushed etc. This should not have went this far. Would the owner have done this to a white woman? IJS...or a Hispanic? Or Asian? I hope the judge gets this mutha phucka for punching her. 

He was charged with assault and battery, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to appear in court on Sept. 12. Hey Mr. Jun I bet this is costing you a lot more than a small phucking KEY CHAIN! 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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