Latina Girl Weekend Vibes!

Let me start off by saying "Let's have a great work week" I hope you had a great weekend. Mines was very interesting, on Friday I got to interview funny man DeRay Davis before he took over the Arena Theater for JHtown weekend. After my shift I decided to support my friend Amie who has opened up her own drip spa Fusion Eight Drip Spa? So what is a drip spa, well it's a new way to get all your vitamins straight in your veins. Yes you get A needle in your vein and the vitamins go in you! While you getting your vitamins you can actually taste it in your mouth. Check out the video below as I got my vitamins, which gave me so much energy that I ended the night with my friends at Green Mill Social for trap painting. I had one to many drinks and I'm still trying to figure out wtf I just painted lol! I blame this disaster on my friends they should of never let me drink and paint! Don't drink and Paint!

 On Saturday I got my laugh on by watching Travis Scott go crazy over the celebrity softball game, you swear he was playing for the Houston Astros. I keep watching this video as he makes a home run and is stoked like he has won the world series! I hope you all had fun this weekend like I did! Special shout out to James Harden for doing so much for our city! Check me out 2-6pm Monday- Saturdays! 

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