(Video) Local Rapper Catches Thief Who Robbed & Stabbed A Woman!

I'm speechless as I watch this video my jaw is to the ground! Local Rapper Host from the Hip-Hop Show "Str8 From The City" Candyman was at the right place at the right time! He witnessed this dude running fast on Fulton Street, with a lady running behind, he thought they are running pretty fast, they must be trying to catch the bus. When he realized this punk had a ladies purse that he snatched. Candyman put that gear in 5th made a uturn, got out the car and chased down the thief and caught his stupid a**! Plus the thief stabbed the woman.  Oh..baybay your a** is gonna do some time!

Glad this punk was caught! Candyman said Not Today not in my community! Check out the video! Beware warning explicit language! #NSFW I'm still shocked the thief was begging Candyman to let him go! Local Hip-Hop Show "Str8 From The City" Host-Candyman I salute you! Stand up for that NawfSide! #NotontheNorthside #HometownHero Real OG! Shout out to the King of TV Isiah Carey with FOX 26 for covering this story on his show! #IsiahFactorUncensored 

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