Cardi B Lands Legendary Role

Cardi B can add actress to her list now! You won't believe who they want her to play.

I would have never guess this role would be for her. Cardi B has to come with it and she can not hold back.  I am sure acting coaches will be there every step of the way. 

Cardi B is getting back to work by playing the role of Coretta Scott King in "Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement." Joining her in the parody will be the "wives" of Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson, and Rosa Parks will be spilling tea too. 

Be prepared though, the skit will have a number of references to Martin Luther King's infidelities, his trip to Memphis where he was assassinated, plus Cardi giving "Ho Etiquette" jokes that some think are racist. The sketch is part of a new show from "Wild N Out" alum Rip Michaels called, "Off the Rip." 

Do you think this will be classy or ratchet. 

I can see Cardi B at home like...

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