Cardi B Fights At #NYFW

This is too much tea! Well we knew this was eventually going to happen! Rumor has it Cardi B went HAM and aggressively approached Nicki Minaj at her table at the Harper's Bazaar Icons Party, when security stopped her, but you can't stop someone when they is pissed the phuck off after all Nicki done said somethings about Kulture! 

Next thing you know Cardi B, took off that red shoe and threw it at Nicki Minaj. The shoe missed Chun Li, and she remained unbothered. Cardi B, was escorted out of the party and then fights broke out. SMH...Cardi B got a huge knot...knot what I was expecting lol...anyways good thing is no one went to jail! 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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