World's Most Expensive Shoes!

Let me start off by saying I've always wanted to go to Dubai to see the tall luxury buildings. Kick it with the rich folks, sip on some expensive, sparkling. bubbling water, enjoy the beach. I wanna go cause we all know Dubai got bank, you know act like I'm rich for the gram! But I swear they took rich to another level.

They have the world's most expensive shoes. WTF...I didn't think this was possible, wear these and you gotta have the FBI protecting you. 

They really not all that ( I'm hating) lol... what makes it expensive is the diamonds, and the shoe took over nine months to make. So how much are they,USD 17 MILLION! (Rs 123 core) BTW.... Yes... I said they cost 17 MILLION! I love me some shoes but not this much. I'll go get me some gold heels and stick some crystals on them! Bye...

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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