Is Cardi B In Houston?

 If you love Cardi B, like I do, then you're always on her IG right? Naw...I'm not stalking her lol... but I think she's in Houston. Think about this, she's been doing a lot of traveling, she was out in NY for fashion week, then flew to Italy. 

Not to mention turned herself into NYPD this morning. So when has she had any time to see her husband? 

Offset, has been in Houston since Friday night and their last show is Tuesday night. We already know Cardi B, misses her man, and I'm sure Kulture looking for her daddy. So after watching this video, I'm starting to think she flew into Houston after turning herself into NYPD this morning.

She posted a video with Offset, holding Baby Kulture, and he's wearing a Scorpion sweatshirt, and if you look at the door you see the lock, the hotel lock...makes you wonder if she's here in our city.  

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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