T.I. Is Done With Kanye West!

As a radio personality, I have to separate the person from the art, the music. I met Kanye West, years ago when he was just a quiet guy promoting "Through The Wire" now folks want his mouth shut and wired up! He was very vocal at The White House when he met up with President Trump, his views have people questioning him as a person. I love his music, but scared of what he's becoming.

He's pissed off the HIP HOP CULTURE and T.I. is no longer phucking with Yezzy. I love me some mutha-phucking T.I. he can't do NOTHING WRONG in my EYES! The homie T.I. has spoken and went in on Kanye West. I agree on everything he says as I listen to his album "Dime Trap" #TrapMusicOriginator 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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